Orphee des Blins: A decision will be made next week

Will Velka Pardubicka winner  Orphee des Blins run again this year, or won’t she?  This is the question that trainer Grzegorz Witold Wroblewski must find the right answer to. There is interest abroad in the heroine of the Velka Pardubicka, and a race at Cheltenham is still on the cards. After the renewal of the crosscountry racing tradition at Cheltenham, this is a big challenge for Czech horses.  “Entries for Cheltenham do not have to be made until November 9th, so we must make up our minds by then,” the mare’s owner Jiří Trávníček said at Pardubice. “At the moment she is getting her winter coat. We’ll see how she deals with that, and whether it will appear that she feels like racing,”  Trainer Wroblewski thinks that even with the coat the mare is ready for another race, though there are still a few days left before a decision needs to be made. “I like the way she is. She is in good spirits. Her hard race in the Velka has not left any marks. What more could we wish for?”Wroblewski is also considering one more race for another of his jumpers. Skarabeus recently took up jumping, and presented himself in very promising fashion recently at Pardubice. “If we can keep on getting that kind of performance out of him, he will be a very good horse,” Wroblewski believes. “We will be considering whether there is a suitable race for him in France or Italy” he adds. (Translated from Dostihovy svet, Czech language pages)