How our season was damaged, Mrs Müllerová!


(translated from the Slusovice racecourse website)


We had planned to organise one more race day, but we ran out of luck. Some potential (after this article, probably no longer potential) sponsors did not keep their word, and others took advantage of our services in return for just a little money, left without saying good-bye, and set off for other parts, adding another hole in our coffers. So our plans dwindled down to three race days. That is why, at the beginning of the season, did not make any promises, as we did not want to end up with bad consciences. The above-mentioned people somewhat damaged our season. For this reason, one of the races was given the name Memorial to Promises of Money.

However, there are not only sad things. We are honoured to been entrusted by the Jockey Club with organising the Winter Princess Stakes [a major race for 2-y-o fillies], with financial support from Mrs Irena Uhlířová (U krále Matyáše gallery and horse racing stable). Thanks to support from the Zlin Region and the personal support of Dr. Mišák, governor of the Zlin Region, we were able to maintain the tradition of the Velká Slušovická steeplechase, and we will again organize the 18th Czech Horseracing Gala  Evening in January 2013. 

Above all, we have been able to show respect for our loyal friends and sponsors. The Zlín region, and companies such as SWS, Centroprojekt, Climax, KK-Metal, both branches of Greiner, TNS, Mamian, the private racing stables of Mrs Čechová, Mr Javořík and Mr Nesládek, Mrs Irena Uhlířov, Dr. Bohumil Hanák, and the newly-represented Agrotechnic Moravia association. These are the people who have supported and funded this season. We not only thank them cordially, but we believe that in future seasons they will not forget us, and will return to Slusovice racecourse.



Slusovice racecourse, in east Moravia, has been kept going by local enthusiasts. Zdenek Karlach, no doubt the writer of this report, has dedicated a lot of energy to the task of keeping the racetrack alive. In the 2012 season, a number of trotting meetings were held at Slusovice, after trotting at Prague Velka Chuchle closed down.