A press release issued by the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic

The following press release was issued by the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic on 31 July 2020


The Jockey Club of the Czech Republic has reached an agreement with the TipSport association on the advertising representation of this association for year 2020.

“We have aligned ourselves with the mature horseracing countries that collaborate with a betting association. This is the first type of collaboration of this kind in the history of [Czech] horseracing. I am convinced that it will be advantageous for both parties, and will provide an opportunity for Czech horseracing to enter the world of leading sports,” Josef Bečvář, president of the Jockey Club, has announced.

“Fix-odds betting was born long ago out of horseracing, and it undeniably belongs to horseracing all over the world. From the point of view of TipSport, this is a natural and a very welcome partnership, which makes marketing and business sense for us. Betting on horseracing has been growing in popularity in recent years [in the Czech Republic]. We are very happy with the collaboration that has been set up,” says Petr Knybel, general manager of TipSport.

The Jockey Club of the Czech Republic represents Czech horseracing. In its name, it deals with all public and private persons in matters concerning the operation of horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding. The Jockey Club represents Czech horseracing abroad, and is the supreme authority for horseracing in the Czech Republic.

TipSport is an open pro-client community betting association, and is a leader in the fixed-odds market [in the Czech Republic]. In the environment of the biggest betting community [in the Czech Republic], it enables its clients to share information and to seek inspiration. A large majority of bets are accepted on-line, reflecting the tempestuous technological development of the association [TipSport]. In terms of the extent of its offers, its exceptional responsiveness to its users, and the level of odds that are made available, TipSport no longer measures itself against local competition, but can emulate international comparison. 3500 people work for this international holding company, which operates in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Readers, please note that this is a translation of a press release issued on 31.07.2020 by the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic. The views expressed in the press release are as expressed by the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic.