Dostihový spolek is to set up an expert commission to deal with issues around the Taxis Ditch

Dostihový spolek announces that an expert commission is being set up




Dostihový spolek a.s., organizer of the 130th running of the Velka Pardubicka with Slavia pojišťovna (Slavia Insurance), expresses its sincere regrets over the unfortunate event in which fatal injuries were inflicted on the horse, Sottovento, while he was tackling the Taxis Ditch. In connection with this event, an expert group of competent and interested persons will be set up during the winter break to deal with the question of further raising the safety of races run at Pardubice racecourse. 

The task of this group, which will consist of experts, including specialists in horse welfare, will be to carry out expert analyses describing what occurred in individual races, taking into account their development within the last ten years. The outcome of these investigations will be a proposal dealing with organizational and technical requirements necessary for ensuring the maximum safety of riders and horses.

In its history, the Taxis ditch has undergone several adjustments, the most fundamental of which took place in the 1990s. in which the ditch was partially filled in and the landing edge was made softer. It is quite clear that on the basis of these adjustments, there has been a statistical drop in the number of fatal injuries, and the adjustments have had a positive effect. 

The priority of Dostihový spolek a.s. is to ensure maximum safety and correct conditions for racing at Pardubice racecourse. We believe that we will be able within the framework of the expert group to find solutions acceptable to all concerned.