The Taxis Ditch is in the spotlight again

Dostihový spolek, organisers of events at Pardubice racecourse, has announced in a press release (see below) that it is going to set up an expert commission, including horse welfare representatives, to agree on measures to make the Taxis Ditch and Pardubice racecourse even safer for riders and for horses. The ugly fatal accident to Sottovento at the Taxis this year has again raised questions about steeplechasing at Pardubice and specifically about the Taxis Ditch – though it may be pointed out that these issues had already been raised before the race.


There is no doubt that everyone regrets injuries to racehorses and to jockeys, but it is hard to imagine a broadly-based commission of experts agreeing on action to be taken. This will be a matter for discussion in the upcoming November Newsletter on this website.