Chris Richner died of Covid-19 yesterday(April 13th) in France.

Chris was a Swiss citizen who appeared in the Czech Republic in about 1999, and set about becoming a major racehorse owner here. Initially, his great ambition was to win the Velka Pardubicka. At first he owned a number of racehorses, trained at Lysa and at Mimon. After some years commuting between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, he decided to live mainly in the Czech Republic and he set up with his own trainer, Pavel Kinsky.

When he  moved to the Czech Republic, he owned as many as 30 racehorses at any time, plus mares and stallions. By about 2010, he decided that being a bloodstock agent would be more fun (and less expensive) than being a frustrated racehorse owner and a frustrated owner of his own racing centre. He closed down his stables  at Dymokoury and reduced the number racehorses in his ownership. Being a bloodstock agent and trying to buy good horses for his clients did indeed turn out to suit Chris better, and he purchased many of the good horses that ran in the Czech Republic in the second decade of the 21st century.

Chris was a great lover of racehorses and of racing. He lived out his dreams. At various times, he was a Swiss banker, he owned many racehorses and even his own racing centre, drove an (old) Aston Martin, owned a night club, ran a restaurant and cooked for his clients, was surrounded by girls, and worked  as a bloodstock agent. Though he tired of each of these ventures rather quickly, and quite soon moved on to something new, Chris was in a strange way a serial fulfiller of his own ambitions. Chris was a much gentler, kinder, more sensitive and more liberal person than he claimed to be. It was a privilege to know him.

May he rest in peace.   

(written by Robin Healey)