Petr Guth's VP 2018 photo gallery, click on "zde", which means "here"

Dostihový svět editor Petr Guth is a first-class horse-racing photographer. To see his photographs of the 2018 Velka Pardubicka, which are up to his usual standard, click on to the reference above, and on to "zde".

You will also be able to find photographs by Petr and others that record the Czech 2018 racing season, and previous seasons.

An analysis of the 2018 Velka Pardubicka

The 2018 Velka Pardubicka was run on a remarkably sunny, pleasantly warm mid-October afternoon. The bright weather had brought out the largest crowd, by some margin, that I have seen at Pardubice racecourse over a period of 25 years. The course had been affected by a long, very hot and very dry summer, but it had been watered quite extensively.