Czech Guineas classics have been run. Which are our best 3-y-o milers?


Our One Thousand Guineas and Two Thousand Guineas races are traditionally run on the first two Sundays in June. The dates are far too early, and it is often the most mature milers, rather than the best milers, that come out on top. However, these races have to be run very early in the season so that the Czech Derby can also be run far too early in the season.

Mustamir and Izynka star on the opening day of the season at Pardubice

Only a total of 5 steeplechases, hurdles races and crosscountry steeplechases were run in the Czech Republic in the six-month period prior to May 1st when, all of a sudden, eight jumps races were run at Pardubice. After a five-week period of hot weather and no rain, the going was firm (official going, 3.0 good) and clouds of sand and dust rose up whenever the horses crossed the ploughed fields that are, for better or for worse, a feature of Pardubice racecourse.