Jiri Kousek is missing

Jiri Kousek, one of our leading jumps jockeys, has been missing for a week. His car has been found at Auteuil racecourse in Paris, with the keys in it. Josef Vana suggested on TV that jockeys have gone missing for a week before, and have reappeared with nothing worse than a bad headache. We hope it may be so in Jiri's case. If you have any information, please send an e-mail to healey@vc.cvut.cz


Josef Vana's web site

You may well enjoy looking at Josef Vana's new website. It is all in Czech, but there are plenty of fine pictures showing the countryside and the facilities at Chyse. A lot of key information can be gathered even without knowledge of Czech. The Vana yard clearly again contains a lot of proven chasers and a lot of younger horses with good potential.  http://www.josef-vana.cz/