Ronino, Lingarry and Frasini are not qualified for the Velka Pardubicka

The Council of the Czech Jockey Club has announced that Ronino, Lingarry and Frasini have not yet qualified for the 2013 Velka Pardubicka.
A loose horse cut across these three backmarkers right in front of the sixth fence in the June qualification race. They only took the fence at the second attempt (which is against our rules), and then all three completed the course. However, they are now deemed to have ‘turned aside’ at the sixth fence, and not to have met the qualification requirements.

Tomas Hurt trains 4 winners in successive races at Benesov, and wants to organize another meeting there on August 25th

The feature of last weekend's racing was the achievement of Tomas Hurt in training four winners in four successive races at Benesov - one at Category III, two at Category IV and one at Category V. He was on such a roll that the fourth of these winners was with a filly that had been tailed off in her only two previous races. Two of these winners were ridden by the apprentice, Katerina Hlubuckova, and were both carrying 48 kg, the minimum weight in our races.

Slušovice: Weather must come to the aid of the rock-hard track

The race meeting planned for Slusovice in August will not be held, due to the extreme weather in recent days. The heatwave has put Slusovice racecourse more of less out of action, and the organisers have called the August meeting off. For the moment, the racing calendar has been slimmed down, but it does seem that the most reasonable decision has been made.

Race meeting at Slusovice on August 17th is cancelled

Yet another race meeting has been affected by the weather conditions. According to the Jockey Club website, the meeting scheduled to be run at Slusovice on Saturday, August 17th has been cancelled, and no alternative date has been announced. 

On the Slusovice racecourse website, Zdenek Karlach explains that there has been no rain on the racecourse for two months, and that the weather forecast is for more very hot weather. He says he is not able to get the course prepared and have it in a fit state for racing.

Evening racing at Lysa on Saturday

The decision to start racing at 8 a.m. at Pardubice last Sunday was widely considered to be correct. Now, with the hot weather continuing, it has been announced that Saturday's 7-race meeting at Lysa-nad-Labem will begin at 6 p.m. However, Sunday's meeting at Karlovy Vary will have the first race at the normal time, 2.30 p.m.

There have been big thunderstorms over much of the country at the beginning of the week, and it is likely that there will be good going at the weekend meetings.

Soros wins the second race in the Josef Vana summer cup series

Racing took place at Pardubice on Sunday, July 28th, on a day when it was forecast that we would have the highest temperatures ever recorded in the Czech Republic. It was decided a few days in advance to bring the first race forward to 8 in the morning! Your correspondent had suffered a slight heatstroke a couple of days earlier, and concluded it would be much better not to go to Pardubice.

Sunday's meeting at Pardubice will begin at 8 in the morning!!

Please note that, due to the very hot weather, which is forecast to peak on Sunday, the meeting at Pardubice this weekend will begin at 8 a.m.!!!

Efforts are being made to have the racetrack fit for steeplechasing, but some real rain from the sky would help in a way that  artificial irrigation of the extensive crosscountry, hurdles and classical steeplechase courses will not be able to achieve, despite best efforts and the recent improvements to the irrigation system. 



The Josef Vana Cup Steeplechase series continues at Pardubice on Sunday

The meeting at Pardubice on Sunday, July 28th has attracted fields of ten and more for eight of the nine races, all of them over obstacles, and a field of seven for the other race. Not only the size but also the good quality of the fields makes this new July meeting at Pardubice a very interesting prospect.