Czech Racing


August 2020 newsletter

The weather the Czech Republic was mainly not too hot and not too dry in July 2020, until the second half of the month. Then there was a dry spell, which got quite hot as the end of the month approached. The number of local fires on farmland and on forest land, and also the number of thunderstorms leading to local floods up in the hills, began to increase, as is usual when there is a hot spell here, accompanied by thunderstorms, in the later part of the summer.

Liam Treadwell has died

We are very sad to hear about the death of Liam Treadwell, at the age of 34. Liam achieved lasting fame by winning the Aintree Grand National on outsider Mon Mome. He was also a popular visiting jockey at Pardubice. He twice rode Trezor to victory in Velka Pardubicka qualification races, in 2012, but he finished only 8th in the Velka itself on well-fancied Trezor.