March 2019 newsletter

February 2019 was a very mild month in the Czech Republic, with many bright sunny days. However, clear skies brought a good number of frosty nights and early mornings. I am told that there was still quite good skiing and plenty of snow at the end of February at elevations of 700 metres or more - many of our trainers are based in the highlands. However, here in Prague we have had little snow and little ice, thank goodness, all winter, and February was a dry month.

Right now, my priority is riding in races, says Jan Faltejsek

Jan Faltejsek worked abroad in the UK and in France for many years, but has always made a point of getting back to ride in his home town, Pardubice, and also riding in Italy and France, mainly for Czech trainers and owners. He has five times ridden the winner of the Velka Pardubicka (Orphée des Blins 3X, Charme Look and Tzigane du Berlais).

February 2019 newsletter

In these newsletters, I sometimes write about the weather conditions in the previous month, and sometimes I do not. This implies that I tend to report on unusual weather, for example the extraordinarily warm and sunny mid-October day on which the 2018 Velka Pardubicka was run, and to ignore the normal spring, summer and autumn days that predominate every year.

Jaromír Šafář will remain in Germany after a successful season

In 2017, Jaromír Šafář won the title of Czech champion jockey on the flat, and took on a new challenge in Germany, accepting an offer to work for trainer Pavel Vovčenko. His first season in Germany has now come to an end, but within the framework of that season he also rode in a total of 77 races in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

A conversation with Martina Krejčí, General Secretary of the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic, about the 2018 season, plans for the future, and changes in the JCCR

This interview, in which Miloslav Vlček discusses a range of topics with Martina Krejčí, general secretary of the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic, first appeared in Czech language on the Fitmin-Turf Magazin website at the end of December 2018.