March 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 in the Czech Republic was extraordinarily mild, like the entire winter until now. There was just a little snow in Prague at the end of the month, but nothing that had not thawed by mid morning. Plenty of nights were frost-free, and afternoon and evening temperatures were mostly well above zero.

December 2019 newsletter

In the western and central parts of Prague, where I have spent almost the entire month of November 2019, the weather has been, by our standards, very wet and very mild. There has been plenty of gentle rain, no snow, and little frost. Winter weather has not begun yet, in the relatively low-lying parts of Bohemia.

October 2019 newsletter

The October newsletter did not appear as intended at the end of September. It has been on my conscience. However, I have done a count, and I was shocked to see that this is the 29th entry on these pages since the September newsletter! That is a crazy amount, and much more than even the most devoted readers would want to read.

Czech Television's VP coverage ignores the majority

For several years now, I have spent many hours in the days after the Velka Pardubicka watching the Czech Television coverage of the race day, after which I have written my comments. I have always praised the photography. Czech Television always sends out a large camera crew to cover this major social and racing event, and also the autumn colours.