The Slavia pojišťovna insurance company will sponsor the Velka Pardubicka

On August 8th, Dostihový spolek, organisers of events at Pardubice racecourse, announced a new race-naming partner for the 129th running of the Velka Pardubicka. The Slavia pojišťovna insurance company, which has operated in the Czech lands for 150 years, will cooperate with Dostihový spolek for at least the next three years. This year’s race will carry the name 129. Velká pardubická se Slavia pojišťovnou (129th running of the Velka Pardubicka with Slavia Insurance).

A new manager for Pardubice racecourse

Martin Korba (photo) completed his service as manager of Pardubice racecourse at the end of July 2019. The racecourse lost two major sponsors, Česká pojišťovna and Agrofert, last year, and replacing them has proved difficult. Responsibility for this had to be placed on somebody.
The new racecourse manager, Jaroslav Müller, has started work at the racecourse. I understand that his background is in managing racehorse breeding. His wife, Veronika, worked at Pardubice racecourse for a couple of years, a dozen years ago.

The Wielka Wroclawska, the Gran Premio di Merano and the Velka Pardubicka - Central European crosscountry steeplechase festivals in September/October

The three main events in central European steeplechasing, marking the highpoint of our 2019 season, all take place within a five-week period between September 8th and October 13th. Each of the three meetings, at Wroclaw in Poland, at Merano, in the northernmost part of Italy, and at Pardubice, 100 km east of Prague in the Czech Republic, celebrates the varieties of crosscountry steeplechasing in the central European region.

August 2019 newsletter

In these monthly newsletters, I usually mention or discuss the recent weather, and the weather in July 2019 cannot pass unmentioned. All over northern Europe there was extraordinarily hot weather towards the end of the month, peaking on Thursday, July 25th, with all-time record temperatures recorded in the UK and northern France. North of the Alps in central Europe, too, it was very hot.