Czech jockeys and trainers win titles in Spain, Italy and Germany

Václav Janáček (photo) has won his sixth champion jockeyʼs title in Spain, after missing out last year. Before going to Spain, Janáček dominated the Czech championship. He was our flat jockeysʼ champion from 2006 until 2010. In 2009, he rode 84 winners here, smashing the previous record, which had been 48 winners. The following year, he also rode 84 winners, winning both the Czech championship and the Slovak championship.

Skating at Pardubice racecourse has begun

From today (December 16th), a fine open-air skating rink will be available to the public at Pardubice racecourse. Horseracing fans will be pleased to hear that the skating rink is located behind the paddock, and not on the finishing straight, where it was very controversially set up last winter.


Who are the outgoing and incoming presidents of the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic?

Dr Jiří Charvát served as president of the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic from 2014 until 2019. He took over from Aleša Jakub, who was president for a brief period after Václav Luka, senior, was acrimoniously removed after serving as president for a period of 17 years.

December 2019 newsletter

In the western and central parts of Prague, where I have spent almost the entire month of November 2019, the weather has been, by our standards, very wet and very mild. There has been plenty of gentle rain, no snow, and little frost. Winter weather has not begun yet, in the relatively low-lying parts of Bohemia.